Seamless Living Turns the Kitchen Inside-Out

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NanaWall Kitchen-Transition turns your indoor kitchen into an outdoor entertainment area.

NanaWall Kitchen-Transition turns your indoor kitchen into an outdoor entertainment area.

An affordable way to increase your living space is to open up the place. Now, this sounds as simple as it really is. Just by adding a folding glass wall, you can connect the indoors to the outside and create a living space that can go from under-air to al fresco in seconds.

I recently attended the National Kitchen and Bath show in New Orleans and discovered several “gamechangers” that rework wasted space into functional square footage. The NanaWall is one such product. The manufacturer created what they call a “Kitchen-Transition,” a folding glass wall and window that can turn your indoor kitchen into an outdoor entertainment space without having to buy a gourmet grill and outdoor refrigerator.


NanaWall Kitchen Transition

For all of you wishing that you had an outdoor kitchen but don’t have the budget, here’s an option: open up your kitchen to the outside with a folding glass wall and window unit and let the kitchen multitask. Turn your kitchen countertop into a bartop to serve drinks and food once the window wall is open and voila… an instant outdoor oasis.

Nanawall, Belvedere kitchen

NanaWall Kitchen Transition folding glass window opens up to turn the countertop into a bartop service area.

NanaWall says the Kitchen-Transition is an ideal replacement for six-foot glass slider doors or twin slider doors that open to covered patio areas. “Typically, these patio areas don’t get much use but if you replace those sliders with a folding glass wall system, you open it up for indoor-outdoor use. It’s not a remodeled space but rather it’s a readapted space that increases the amount of useable space,” explains Matt Thomas of NanaWall.

When it’s closed, the Kitchen-Transition functions like a weather-proof wall, resisting all the elements. NanaWall custom builds each Kitchen-Transition and says it retails for approximately $600 to $1000 a linear foot.


When closed, the NanaWall folding glass wall system is weather resistant

Another perk, a folding glass wall system infuses more natural daylight and fresh ventilation into your living space creating less demand on your utilities when opened up on a fresh, pleasant day. “People are starting to connect with the idea of a healthier home and by having a wider opening, you can enhance the overall health of your living space,” adds Thomas.

Folding glass walls are opening up bedroom and bathrooms as well. “We’re seeing a double skin application where people open up the wall between the indoor and outdoor area and seal in the outdoor area so you have a weather-resistant open transitional space.”

Bathtub Los Angeles 1

NanaWall folding glass system opens up the bathroom to a stunning view.

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